Campus Spotlight

Heartland has helped many campuses achieve their campus card goals through the years. While a large portion of our business is on collegiate campuses, Heartland works diligently to meet the needs of corporate, preparatory, and academy campuses, such as Oaks Christian School. Oaks Christian School is a private, college preparatory school located in Westlake Village, CA.

Reflections on Semester Opening

Whether we feel ready or not, the students have returned for another school year. Another year means more meal plans, door access, activity verification, bookstore purchases, parking permits, and more. Have you been able to get your day-to-day operations back on track now that the new semester opening is over? Let’s reflect back on how the new semester opening went.

The OneCard Vending Terminal

Students rushing from class to class or activity to activity, not enough time to stop in the dining hall for a meal or a quick pick me up before they head off to their next location. So they stop at the campus vending machines to grab a bottle of water, refreshing can of root beer, bag of chips, or protein bar.

EMV and OneCard:

Many campuses say that that ability to accept standard payment types such as credit and debit cards with OneCard is a function that they cannot live without. This includes payments at our terminals and online deposits. With the acceptance of these standard payment types come additional liability and system security concerns.

New Payment Technologies to Secure and Grow Your Business

I see two major trends impacting the retail industry in 2015, and both of them deal directly with point of sale. With cyber-attacks affecting major retailers and mom-and-pops alike, financial security is a daily concern. EMV, along with encryption and tokenization, will make major steps in securing transactions while assuaging consumer fears. Another trend to consider is Near Field Communication (NFC), which will enable mobile commerce and contactless EMV at the point of sale.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) — Improving the Campus Card

One aspect of campus card technology that I have always enjoyed is incorporating new and upcoming technology into our product. College students seem to adapt to and embrace new technology so easily. This allows us to try innovative new ideas that provide enhanced services to the students and really push the envelope.

OneCard + SwiftData = Data Integration Ease!

OneCard can provide an abundance of services to students, allowing them to use a single point of access for dining, buying books, paying for laundry, grabbing a snack, going to an event on campus, unlocking their resident hall door, and more. OneCard is built on a foundation of student information that allows these privileges to be assigned to students or financial balances to be added to accounts. This data can come from multiple sources such as a campus ERP system or through existing ID production solutions

New Team Member Joins Heartland OneCard

Heartland OneCard is excited to announce that Deb Hoefer, CASP, has joined our team as Regional Sales Director. Deb’s responsibilities include building client relationships, assessing school needs, and presenting solutions to help campuses meet their campus card goals. Deb will primarily focus on the western half of the United States.


The acquisition of TouchNet by Heartland is very exciting for OneCard. TouchNet offers innovative solutions to campuses that allow them to better manage payments and unify campus commerce. It makes sense for TouchNet to become a part of Heartland Payment Systems to give higher education institutions access to even more resources, services, and solutions.

Heartland Campus Solutions 2014 OneCard Client Award Recipients

Heartland Campus Solutions recently held our 2014 OneCard User Group Conference in Clearwater, FL from October 25th to the 28th. I have been attending these conferences since 1994 when I was a system user and had always found great benefit from attending. Not only could I find out about new and upcoming products but also I was able to speak with other campus administrators, learn what they are doing and more importantly, how they are doing it.