Contactless Card Readers and Cardholders

In our previous post covering contactless card implementation we discussed the card itself and issuing the card.  Next step in implementing contactless technology as part of your campus card program is to review the process of reader installation and use followed by keeping the cardholder informed of the changes to your program.

Contactless Cards Implementation

So you have decided to enhance your campus card program by using contactless smart card technology within your campus card program.  That is an excellent decision and one that will provide your campus, and cardholders, with benefits.  Now comes the fun part, implementing the contactless smart card.  Before you know it your cardholders will be tapping for entry and payments all over campus.  Let’s start the process by looking at three main areas for contactless implementation – let’s start with the card and in a future post we will cover the reader and the cardholder.

Contactless Cards – Benefits

Quite often campus administrators ask if they should move to contactless card technology as part of their campus card program, using contactless identification cards instead of magnetic stripe. The answer is a resounding yes. Contactless technology offers many benefits over magnetic stripe technology and will enhance your campus card program for both access control and financial transactions, but more importantly it will enhance the experience of your students.