February Newsletter

OneCard TouchNet Integration – TouchNet, a hosted solution for campuswide payments with more than 600 higher education clients, is used specifically in your Business and Finance offices. In the now-complete first phase of integration, students and parents in the TouchNet portal can make OneCard deposits, and students can view their OneCard transactions. The Business Office

October Newsletter

COMTEC 2016 CLIENT CONFERENCE COMTEC, the TouchNet/OneCard/ECSI Client Conference in Kansas City, October 3-6, was a huge success. Together with TouchNet, we launched an exciting new vision for OneCard that will carry us forward for years to come. There were many highlights; here are a few. OneCard Integration into TouchNet At COMTEC, we announced that

July Newsletter

OneCard Web Admin with Enhanced Reporting. A web-based version of OneCard Admin is coming soon! Heartland OneCard projects July 29, 2016, as the preliminary release date for two new modules. One of these modules, the web-based version of your OneCard Admin software, will be released with robust day-to-day functionality. Additional releases through the year will expand

Once A Year Tasks

When you perform a task only once a year, it is hard to remember all the necessary steps. Here are some suggestions from Heartland OneCard.

Contactless Card Readers and Cardholders

In our previous post covering contactless card implementation we discussed the card itself and issuing the card.  Next step in implementing contactless technology as part of your campus card program is to review the process of reader installation and use followed by keeping the cardholder informed of the changes to your program.