Contactless Card Readers and Cardholders

In our previous post covering contactless card implementation we discussed the card itself and issuing the card.  Next step in implementing contactless technology as part of your campus card program is to review the process of reader installation and use followed by keeping the cardholder informed of the changes to your program.

The Reader

Installing readers for acceptance of the contactless card will go hand in hand with the issuance of cards for both financial and access related functions.  I recommend implementing multiple technology readers that are capable of working with a variety of contactless technologies available as well as Near Field Communication (NFC).  This will allow you the flexibility to move from one contactless technology to another if the need arises, to phase out an older contactless technology if you happen to have, and also will allow you to prepare for using your NFC enabled phone as a credential.

If you plan on phasing in issuance of contactless cards where some cardholders will still need to use magnetic stripe cards for a period of time, please consider installing dual magnetic stripe and contactless readers.  Both HID and Ingersoll Rand offer readers that can accept both magnetic stripe and contactless technology.  This allows for an easy transition from one technology to another but also allows for issuance of less expensive magnetic stripe cards for conference groups, camps and temporary users.

The Cardholder

Communication to your cardholders will help ensure a smooth process, generate excitement about new services and breathe new life into an existing program.  Let cardholders know what is expected of them to obtain a card, how to use the card and where it can be used.  This outreach will keep all parties aware of changes and can help increase usage on campus, which may translate to an increase in revenue on financial terminals.

Signage with the universal contactless symbol will help cardholders know where to use their card.  Many readers have this symbol already printed on the terminal itself, however increased signage will help promote awareness.

Adding contactless technology to your campus card program will definitely be a benefit to your campus.  It may seem like there are a number of tasks and items to consider but please remember you are not alone.  Campus card providers, such as Heartland Campus Solutions, have been through this many times and can help you through the process.  Contactless technology as part of your campus card solution is just a tap away.