February Newsletter

OneCard TouchNet Integration – TouchNet, a hosted solution for campuswide payments with more than 600 higher education clients, is used specifically in your Business and Finance offices. In the now-complete first phase of integration, students and parents in the TouchNet portal can make OneCard deposits, and students can view their OneCard transactions. The Business Office can now view the deposit and transactions though the TouchNet dashboard.

The next phase of integration, currently in progress, will enable real-time data exchanges between Ellucian and OneCard pertaining to permissions and GL/Financial transactions. For Ellucian clients, downloading data files and running GL reports from OneCard will be a thing of the past.

OneCard VIP Progress Report – The same TouchNet Data Center that hosts payments for 600 higher ed clients will host new OneCard clients for the new OneCard VIP product. This includes Ellucian ERP integration, ID Card production, OneCard Mobile, iProve, CheckIn, Events & Rules, Financial Transactions, and Custom Reporting. In addition, point-of-sale transactions will be processed through the API, and ID will be in .Net. The launch is scheduled for early Spring on Version 7.0 with normalized databases. As we move forward with hosting capabilities for new clients, we will explore making this option available for existing clients in late 2017.

Custom Reporting is a powerful new product for designing reports that is embedded in the OneCard Web Admin browser version. It has more capabilities than can be described in this notice, but here are a few: You can view all of the tables and fields in the OneCard databases to design your own detailed reports. Reports can be emailed and exported to Excel, Word, and PDF. You can embed multiple charts into reports. You can schedule reports to run at specific times and to be sent specific email addresses. Custom Reporting is an optional product that is licensed on an annual basis. OneCard WebAdmin is included as part of your annual charge for maintenance.

OneCard OTC Terminal – The OTC Terminal replaces the DCT for Financial, Meal Plans, and Pass/Fail access transactions. It is an Android touch screen device with a substantially smaller footprint (width = 7.17”; height = 3.3’; depth = 3.07”) than any previous DCT version. The terminal has a built-in printer and mag swipe reader, and you can add a prox or mifare reader. All transactions return the cardholder’s picture. The terminal can run on a wired LAN or a Wi-Fi connection, and it has Bluetooth capability. We are offering trade-in discounts on DCT-3 models only, so contact Sales to discuss what your discount may be.

Door Point Controller (DPC Controller) – The DPC replaces previous versions of the Multi-Door Controller and 32-Point Controller. The DPC is IP based and combines the benefits of both products.The DPC has processing capabilities superior to any prior controllers. It has an entirely new physical layout for ease of access to wiring, and a visual display so you do not have to connect with a PC for programming or diagnostics as often. The DPC also works directly with the OneCard API for faster processing.

From Quality Control Testing

The software release in January was highly anticipated due to critical issues that prevented an October release. This time-interval also permitted the Quality department to complete testing of new features and incorporate them into this release.

ID has new search features that enable an operator to search for an account by last, first, or preferred name or by using multiple names, such as first and preferred. Searching for an account’s preferred name was introduced to OneCard on a previous release, and now ID supports the same feature.

ID has changed its settings to depend on configurations in Tools. For example, if Tools is configured to lock out an operator after three incorrect password attempts, ID will use that same configuration. Previously, it was based on settings in ID. Likewise, ID will depend on generating new accounts based on Tools configuration of Lost/Stolen accounts. The program will also generate a Smart Account by cloning ISO ABA or Custom # according to the configuration in Tools.

PAdmin/POS also had configuration changes. To prevent a system freeze, PAdmin will configure the maximum number of old receipts so that ∞ = 1,000. Also the maximum amount for Online or Offline transactions is configured so that ∞ = 50,000. This is to prevent SQLite errors when offline transactions upload.

The Release Notes contain over 30 fixes for WebAdmin. The Quality and Development teams are focused on providing a convenient, user-friendly program. While functionality is the first priority, we are also working towards providing error messages that are descriptive to the operator and consistent throughout the program from any device. This program will have even more options in the upcoming release.

Guidelines for Support

In our on-going effort to be responsive to your support issues, we have updated our targeted timelines. Please review the information below. We’ll do our very best to meet the outlined goals.


Severity Production Down Mission Critical Significant Limited
Target Response Time 2 Hours by PHONE w/ ticket created 4 Hours by PHONE w/ ticket created Email Clarification by ticket or phone within 4 Hours Email Clarification by phone within 8 Hours
Target Resolution Time 1 Business Day 1 Business Day 2 Business Days 4 Business Days
Status Updates Every 2 hours until resolution By end of workday By end of workday 48 hours
Production Down:
1. Cannot connect to file server throughout multiple systems
2. Cannot connect to database throughout multiple systems
Mission Critical:
1. All Access Control down (Life Safety)
2. Configuration files and CD password information
1. Financial disruption
a. Credit Card processing
b. POS systems not taking transactions
2. Equipment failure
a. Door controllers
b. POS
c. Card printers
3. Integration Support
1. Small scope equipment failure
a. DCT-3, OTC non functioning
b. USB readers
2. OneCard configuration questions
3. System questions

Congratulations – Christopher Brown

Christopher BrownChristopher has been with Campus Solutions since 2015 as one of our leading Client Support specialists. He recently received a well-deserved promotion to Project Coordinator. Christopher’s organizational and interpersonal skills have been well proven during the past two years. Christopher holds a B.S. degree in Digital Media from East Tennessee State University and was previously employed with a local Chattanooga media company.