July Newsletter


OneCard Web Admin with Enhanced Reporting.

A web-based version of OneCard Admin is coming soon! Heartland OneCard projects July 29, 2016, as the preliminary release date for two new modules. One of these modules, the web-based version of your OneCard Admin software, will be released with robust day-to-day functionality. Additional releases through the year will expand the OneCard Admin browser version with more of the features you know from the current client version on your desktop.

If you have an Enterprise Admin License, you will have unlimited, concurrent client and browser admin logons to OneCard with the release. If you have a fixed number of licenses, you can designate how many of those licenses should be concurrent web-based/client licenses. For example, suppose you have a license for 10 Admin terminals. You may designate any or all of the 10 licenses to log on concurrently using the browser. Web-based Admin is mobile-ready and can run on smart phones and tablets.

When you initiate your request for the update, Client Support will coordinate with you to update the licensing file (sys.cnfg.dbf).

Web-Based OneCard Admin Initial Release Functions

Account Event/Services Meal Security System Maintenance
• Account History • Sell Event • Issue Meal Plan • Card Usage Alert • Groups
• Account Maintenance • Sell Service • Meal Plan History • Last Card Use • Location
• Account Prepay • Sell Variable • Meal Plan Status • Reset Terminal Alarm • General Ledger
• Account Adjust Balance • Define Event • CW Meal Plan Status • Terminal Door Control • System Functions
• Define Variable • Define Meal Plan • Clear Door Commands • Adjust GL’s
• Remove Events • Remove Meal Plan • Command Macros
• Remove Services

In addition to the web-based OneCard Admin module, Heartland OneCard will release the Custom Reporting module. At the October 2015 Heartland User’s Conference, we demonstrated an external report designer that would allow our clients to design reports and export to Excel and other formats. The positive feedback we received indicated that we were on the right path for design and enhancing data output for analytics. Several clients mentioned that we should also look at a company called Izenda and their reporting system, which is used by many of our Jenzabar SIS schools.

We listened. Immediately after the conference, we contacted Izenda. After conferring with Izenda and testing their reporting tools, we realized our clients had given us great advice. We have finalized a licensing agreement, and Izenda reporting tools will now be embedded within the OneCard Admin browser version. Please note that Custom Reporting will not be available in the desktop version.

Our development team is adding many of the baseline standard reports that you’re familiar with in your current system. However,  unless you license the Custom Reporting module, you will not be able to modify existing and create new self-styled reports.

From the Custom Reporting module, all reports can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, HTM, and CSV formats. You will be able to view tables and fields to add, delete, or modify any baseline reports and create your own self-styled reports. You will also be able to add multiple graphs, such as pie and bar charts. After modifying a report, it can be scheduled for automatic processing or emailed to recipients. If the recipient has rights, the report can be modified to meet their needs.

We surveyed several clients this spring and asked them which reports should be available as baseline and what new reports would be meaningful to all clients. Many of these requested reports will be part of the first release.

We would like to extend a big “Thank You” to the clients who gave us the Izenda recommendation. The addition of WebAdmin and Custom Reporting modules are major steps forward for this Heartland OneCard development cycle.

Sheridan College Spotlight

Sheridan College is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, with campuses in Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario.

OneCard was installed at Sheridan in August 2014 and went live in 2015.

The OneCard Director is Aesha Brown, Ancillary Services Division. Aesha’s previous service at Sheridan was working with the access system. Since implementation of the OneCard project, Aesha has been busy hiring full-time staff and expanding the system’s functionality, especially in the effort to move toward a cashless campus as much as possible.

Sheridan OneCard’s office is staffed with four full-time personnel and five to 10 part-time staff during term startups.

Aesha reports that the OneCard project has been “Greatly accepted by students and staff, and the best is yet to come” as new services are added.

Sheridan Facts:

  • 18,000 full time and 45,000 Continuing Ed Students
  • 1,400 faculty/staff
  • Software installed includes ID production, OneWeb (LDAP login), MyPhoto, Laundry Wave Vision, Virtual DCT, CheckIn, mAuthenticate, Gateways for Papercut, Chartwells/Volante POS and Follett Bookstore systems
  • Hardware installed includes DCT’-s, ID w/printers and tablets for CheckIn and mAuthenticate

One unique project is the use of CheckIn for shuttle bus routes. Tablets are installed on the buses. As the students enter the bus, they self-tap their prox cards to register the entry. CheckIn is configured with a list of shuttle stops, and the driver selects the stop at each location. Reports are generated by the OneCard office on the activity at each stop.

Many thanks to Aesha Brown and the Sheridan team, who have made OneCard an integral part of the student’s experience on campus. Thanks also to  Sheridan for being a valuable partner with Heartland.

OneCard User Conference Kicks Off a New Era

New this year, Heartland OneCard is joining forces with TouchNet and Heartland ECSI at COMTEC, the Heartland Campus Conference. We are combining our knowledge and expertise to bring you a new and complete approach to campus business. Once every two years, COMTEC offers customers a unique learning environment to analyze industry trends, catch up with product advancements, and gain new ideas and expertise for managing campus business.

Get ready for a new OneCard experience with a web-based platform, custom report generator, enhanced integration, and expanded mobile capabilities. Meet the product experts and share your feedback in a product forum. Learn how to gain efficiencies by combining your OneCard system with the TouchNet U.Commerce platform. In a year of profound change, attending COMTEC is the best way to be fully prepared on your campus.