October Newsletter



COMTEC, the TouchNet/OneCard/ECSI Client Conference in Kansas City, October 3-6, was a huge success. Together with TouchNet, we launched an exciting new vision for OneCard that will carry us forward for years to come. There were many highlights; here are a few.

OneCard Integration into TouchNet

At COMTEC, we announced that OneCard has formally begun integrating into the TouchNet operating environment. TouchNet U.Commerce is a cloud-based (i.e., hosted) solution for campuswide payments with more than 800 Higher Education clients. The first phase of OneCard and TouchNet integration has already occurred. Students and parents can make OneCard deposits and view OneCard transactions via their TouchNet U.Commerce system. More technology integration is planned for 2017.

OneCard VIP.

The secure TouchNet Certified DataCenter that hosts payment solutions for 800 colleges and universities is now hosting OneCard VIP (Vertically Integrated Platform) for new implementations. This is just phase one of a move to cloud-based processing for OneCard VIP, which includes ERP integration, ID Card production, OneCard Mobile, iProve, CheckIn, Events & Rules, financial transactions, and custom reporting. As we move forward with new hosting initiatives, we will work to move existing clients “to the cloud,” offering you greater efficiency, security, and ease of operations.

Ellucian Announcement

Ellucian announced that OneCard VIP is its preferred campus one card platform. They will collaborate with TouchNet and OneCard to integrate OneCard VIP features, including permissions for access, events, classroom attendance, and real-time General Ledger entries, into its Banner, Colleague, and Power Campus ERP platforms. Integration with campus ERP systems is one of the keys to the future of our OneCard technology.

New OneCard Products

Several new OneCard products were showcased at COMTEC 2016. Here is a quick overview of three of them:
1. Custom Reporting is a new report design product that is embedded in the OneCard Web Admin product. It offers you many new, powerful features to create customized reports using all of the tables and fields within OneCard databases. You design your own detailed reports which can be emailed and exported to Excel, Word, or PDF. You can embed multiple charts, schedule reports to run at specific times, and automatically send reports to specific email addresses. Custom Reporting is an optional, separately licensed product. There is no charge for OneCard Web Admin. It is included in your annual maintenance fee.

2. OneCard OTC Terminal replaces the DCT for Financial, Meal Plans, and Pass/Fail access transactions. It is an Android full-touch screen device which has a substantially smaller footprint (Width = 7.17”; Height = 3.3“; Depth = 3.07“) than any previous device. It has a built-in printer, magnetic swipe reader, and options for an additional proximity or mifare reader. All transactions will return the cardholder’s picture. It can run on Ethernet or Wi-Fi and has Bluetooth capabilities. We are offering trade-in discounts on DCT-3 models. Contact your OneCard sales rep for more information.

3. Door Point Controller (DPC Controller) replaces previous versions of the Multi-Door Controller and 32-Point Controller. The DPC, which is IP based, combines the benefits of both products into one. It has superior processing and capabilities compared to prior controllers. It has an entirely new physical layout for ease of access to wiring. Plus, a new visual display eliminates the need to connect with a PC for programming or diagnostics. The DPC also will work directly with the OneCard API for faster processing.

OneCard Version 7

We are targeting the Spring of 2017 for release of OneCard Version 7. The primary focus and top priority of our development team is Version 7. We are normalizing our databases for faster processing and upgrades, and we are working to make report creation easier. Until Version 7 is released, new enhancements will not be assigned a high priority. However, bug fixes will continue to be released with normal updates.

In Summary…

COMTEC 2016 was the first time that OneCard participated in the larger, combined Client Conference. There was some concern voiced before the conference that OneCard clients would be lost within the scope of things. That was not the case at all! OneCard had its separate educational tracks as usual. Many of our clients commented favorably about the bigger picture and vision for the real-time integration to major ERP systems. The fact that Ellucian not only has made OneCard their preferred campus card system, but also is going to sell OneCard VIP as a business partner, was big news at COMTEC. With OneCard now part of the TouchNet family, the future of your OneCard system is brighter and more exciting than ever before. Thanks for your past and continued support as we move rapidly into the next generation of OneCard VIP solutions.