OneCard has proudly served the higher eduation market for over thirty years, providing superior knowledge, expertise and quality solutions. OneCard is established as the industry leader and has saved campuses time, money and hassle by being the most responsive, stable, and cost effective campus card system in higher education.

OneCard provides campus administrators the power to have control over their system anywhere via web-based tools while making it simple for IT staff through seamless integrations into campus systems. All of this with a modern interface providing the best student experience across campus, even on their mobile device.

Our enterprise solution unifies permissions, credentials, payments and security across your entire campus. Core technology streamlines system management, integrates data between systems through our data management engine and manages financial transactions . Our credential management system provides ID management, library access, time/attendance and check-in tracking. Manage meal plans and other food services through our dining system, while keeping the campus safe through access and security. Our customized solutions provide a single point of access to campus life.