Campus Print & Copy Management

Minimize print and copy management costs with Heartland’s Campus Solutions OneCard System.

OneCard users can pay for on-campus printing, computer stations and other services without the hassle of searching for coins, or using a secondary card or account devoted just for printing.

Our flexible integration tools and web service allows for major print solutions to utilize the transaction power of OneCard for payments. Standard integrations are available to major print solutions such as:

  • ePRINTit
  • PaperCut
  • Pharos
  • GoPrint
  • Pcounter
  • WEPA
  • Equitrac

If you have stand-alone photocopiers you can also use one of our connected data collection terminals, such as Quattro, to allow cardholders to pay for copies.

If you haven’t implemented a pay for print solution on your campus and have not integrated your current solution with your OneCard, here are five (5) simple reasons why you should:

  1. Go Green. There is a lot of wasted paper when students have open printing. We have seen that the print volume has been reduced by up to 60% on campuses utilizing pay for print solutions. That goes very far in helping your campus achieve some of your green initiatives.
  2. Easy Payments. Tying the print management solution to the OneCard allows for students to manage a single account balance for easy purchasing on campus, including printing. No longer will they need to have a separate print card or account.
  3. Guest Services. Pay for print solutions can also assist you in providing better service to your guests. Many solutions today have the ability to also accept a credit or debit card as a form of payment in addition to the OneCard. This will allow guests on your campus to pay for their print with a card already in their wallet, eliminating or reducing the need for guest card management, card dispense units, and refill stations.
  4. Increased Locations. Pay for print solutions can allow you to increase the number of locations for printing. We used to see printing only available in libraries or computer labs. With the addition of cloud stations and kiosks you can allow students to print virtually anywhere. For increased convenience, add a print location where students are, such as a lounge or near the coffee shop.
  5. Revenue. Not only can you recover costs for printing when using pay for print solutions but you could actually increase revenue through advertising on print kiosks or on the release screens.