The OneCard Dining Solution provides individualized dining options, such as daily, weekly, open meal plans, or on-the-go lunch boxes. A unified campus dining system simplifies campus life, streamlines your operations, and reduces the headaches of long meal lines.

With OneCard Dining you can:

  • provide flexible meal plans configured to meet your needs. Whether it is 14 meals per week, 120 meals per semester, or a $25 allotment per day, OneCard Dining can meet all of your school’s needs.
  • define up to 8 meal periods per day with configurable time ranges.
  • set valid meal locations.
  • utilize meal equivalences to allow use of meals at a la carte dining locations such as your coffee shop or grill.
  • allow the acceptance of declining balances.
  • automate reporting with our Task Scheduler to receive the data you need, when you need it.

Our robust Stealth Point of Sale solution (POS) is designed to work natively as part of the Campus OneCard System. With OneCard POS you can:

  • process automatic discounts based upon card holder category.
  • streamline dining transactions to one terminal for meal plans, declining balance, cash credit, and debit cards.
  • increase throughput by utilizing a system designed specifically for campus dining — fast processing with minimal keystrokes.
  • define multiple POS product shifts for your different meal times.
  • utilize a wide array of connected devices to increase service such as barcode scanners, scales, patron displays, contactless card readers, kitchen displays, and kitchen printers.
  • Accept mobile transactions from our MyPay application.
  • Allow on-line and mobile ordering.
  • Configure touchscreen keyboards to meet your needs by defining number and size of keys, placement of items, color themes, use of product photos, and more.
  • Group function keys together to provide intuitive operations for your cashiers.

OneCard Dining also interfaces with multiple popular POS systems such as Micros, Volante, and Sequoia Retail Systems through the use of our flexible web service.