Financial Software Platform

Cashless payments require a transaction software platform as well as unique hardware, such as cards, tags, and readers — and you can count on Heartland to provide all the options and support you need to get started.

OneCard Financial helps you accept your campus card as a form of payment anywhere you would like. Whether in vending machines, laundry, bookstore, dining, activities, events, copiers, printing, off-campus, and more, OneCard Financial provides the transaction processing foundation for payments.

With OneCard Financial you can:

  • define up to twelve different declining balances.
  • configure revenue general ledger accounts to easily and efficiently reconcile your transactions.
  • use smart terminals that know what account balance to use and where to record the revenue.
  • provide transaction priority so card holders can automatically pull funds from multiple balances without user intervention.
  • process on-line, real-time transactions — all your transaction data is accurate and up to the second.
  • choose from an assortment of terminals such as Quattro, mAuthenticate, or integrated third party systems.
  • select where you accept OneCard as a means of payment such as at vending machines or in your campus laundry facilities.

Vending Integration

With the Heartland’ OneCard Vending terminal your campus community no longer needs to fumble for coins or use their cash when they want a cold beverage or snack from a vending machine. They simply use their OneCard to get what they desire.

With OneCard Vending you get:

  • Standard Size Terminal. The OneCard Vending terminal is smaller and fits into standard vending machine bill acceptors or knock out locations. This will eliminate the need to mount the terminal in non-standard locations on the screen.
  • MDB Compatible. The terminal is multidrop Bus (MDB) compatible and is designed to work with vending machines that support MDB.
  • Flexible Payment Types. Not only will the OneCard Vending terminal accept OneCard and OneCard Mobile as forms of payment, it will also accept credit and debit cards. This will provide your campus community with greater flexibility of payment and allow for an increase in purchases by guests to your campus.
  • Contactless Ready. The OneCard Vending terminal can facilitate acceptance of many forms of contactless technology such as Mifare and contactless credit or debit cards. A simple tap of the card will allow your students to purchase that cold beverage they desire. Acceptance of other contactless technology is in development.
  • EMV Capable. If you plan to allow credit or debit cards as a form of payment on your vending machines, you will want to make sure the terminal is EMV or chip-based ready. EMV capability is a standard feature in the OneCard Vending terminal with the ability to accept EMV in development.
  • Accessible Vending Data. The OneCard Vending terminal is designed to communicate with your vending machine and will be able to offer your vending provider with machine telemetry. This will allow you or your vending partner to gather product and inventory data remotely from your vending machines.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing. With a state-of-the-art design, the OneCard Vending terminal looks as great as it works. The terminal has a large, easy to read display, rounded edges, and a compact design.

Laundry Management

Much like vending, offering OneCard as a payment method in your laundry facilities provides a greater convenience to your students, reduces cash handling, and gives you greater visibility into laundry revenue. You can:

  • offer discounts to cardholders if they do their laundry during off-peak times.
  • accept credit or debit card payments at machines in addition to OneCard — a great feature for conference and camp guests during the summer months.
  • Minimize or remove coin payments without special payment cards.
  • Offer customers real-time updates on machine status with WaveVision — they know when their laundry is done and if there are machines available before lugging their laundry to the laundry room.
  • use multiple terminal options to meet your needs.
  • provide a completely wireless option is available with WaveRider.
  • accept mobile transactions through MyPay.
  • limit cardholders to specific laundry facilities.
  • give operators a centralized view of sales data, alerts, and activity.