Identification Cards

OneCard ID allows you to create beautiful identification cards that can be used throughout the Campus OneCard System for payment and privilege verification. The flexible OneCard ID software suite not only provides the tools necessary to design and create cards, but it is a native module of the Campus OneCard System.

With OneCard ID you can:

  • create an unlimited number of card formats to change how your ID card looks for different classifications of cardholders.
  • select background images easily within the software for quick badge creation.
  • choose between horizontal or vertical badges.
  • print any number of database fields directly onto the card.
  • select from all major bar code schemes.
  • design your card to include card holder photos with user definable photo frame colors.
  • use multiple card printers such as Datacard, HID, and Zebra.
  • use card format relations to automatically select the proper card design based upon the category of the cardholder, date, or other selectable criteria.
  • take photos at badging events such as orientation and print campus cards at a later time using batch print functions.
  • read pre-encoded contactless card numbers during the print process and assign numbers directly to accounts in OneCard.
  • encode contactless smart cards during the print process.
  • use OneCard Mobile Admin to take ID photos and print cards from your iOS or Android mobile device.
  • use multiple contactless card technology such as Prox, iClass, and Mifare.